How to Delete a YouTube Video – Follow Some Simple Steps!

Uploading videos to You Tube like website has become a very popular way to covey your message to the targeted audiences. Business owners are receiving a great response from the market simply by uploading videos related to their services and products. Well, there are many advantages of uploading videos with You Tube. On the other hand, sometime you may need to delete certain videos. So, the question like how to delete a You Tube video may come into your mind. Well, it’s a simple task. Once you know the steps involved for deleting or replacing You Tube videos, you can do it easily if you know how to remove a video from YouTube.

The very first thing that you need to do is to log in to your You Tube account. Once you are logged in you need to go for the My Channel option. Once you click on it you will see the Video Manager page. Once that page open, you can find the videos that you have added for your You Tube account. If you want to delete a particular video, then click the box on the side of it. Once you tick that box, click on Action. When you click on Action, a drop down menu will appear where there will be the Delete option. Click on Delete and that particular You Tube video will be removed from the list. This is how you can delete a You Tube video that you have uploaded and you can also know how to delete a YouTube video.

You may need to do this when you feel that some of your videos are outdated or you want to replace them with the new ones.

As you cannot restore the YouTube video just after the deletion, think it twice, if it is so essential to ultimately delete your videos. Do not forget to copy YouTube video at your computer. You can make use of Free Video Downloader Freemake for the purpose.

Deleting YouTube Playlist

You can remove the videos from the playlist or can erase playlist completely. Here is how you can delete YouTube playlist:

  • First log in YouTube account.
  • Choose playlist that you like to delete. YouTube Playlists
  • Ensure you appear at Playlists page.
  • Click 3 dots on right & hit on Delete video button and Playlist deletion on the YouTube

Delete the YouTube Channel or YouTube Account

Suppose you do not want to keep presence on the YouTube anymore, then you may delete the YouTube channel. People often mix two notions: the YouTube channel and the account. There is no such thing as the YouTube account. You will sign up for the Google account for using the YouTube. The Google account is just like umbrella account for the different Google services: YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, AdWords, etc. Thus you may delete the YouTube channel &, quit YouTube. However, if you delete Google account, you will lose an access to Google services.

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